No student gets left behind:

No prior knowledge of mainframes or Cobol is required. However a prior aptitude in programming within a business setting is essential.

What is special about Mainframe Developer Academy?

  • – Each course is unique and tailored to the needs of the client with pre-course consultations and setup of local training environment with local support essential. This service is provided free of charge.
  • Small class sizes – max 6 students.
  • – Continuous 1 to 1 instructor student engagement – the student cannot hide or coast the program.
  • – Course material presented in a simplified and completely understandable format by direct student instructor engagement until the student is able to present the material back to the instructor. This style of instruction is unheard of and the reason why the class sizes are kept small.
  • – Instructor is able to determine at each stage of the program the level of understanding of each student and intervenes whenever there is a break in communication or understanding of the course material.
  • – Students who are unable to carry out the coursework are highlighted within the first week and remedial steps are taken between the instructor and the students manager.
  • – All topics are covered in practical detail and revised via set exercises and peer review. Each student is engaged to ensure the fundamentals are fully understood. This is key to the success of the program.
  • – Emphasis is placed on rigorous structured programming coupled with program flowcharts / structured English and unit testing. In addition logical and practical naming conventions are used to ensure code is highly maintainable and easy to understand.
  • – Data types are rigorously taught to ensure there are no misconceptions and this is emphasized via the use of SORT utility in JCL illustrating the differences in results obtained depending on the type of data type and the hexadecimal value.
  • – The fundamentals of hierarchical and relational databases are covered along with normalization rules.
  • – Final test and feedback.
  • – All topics are geared towards a practical understanding and application in a contemporary / SOA mainframe environment.
  • – Courses can be offered online or on-site anywhere in the UK & the EU.
  • – Classes have the option of being recorded via Zoom for future referral.
  • – Instructor has successfully conducted a large number of bootcamps in a workplace environment with outstanding results.
  • – Excellent liaison between instructor and manager: before, during and after.
  • – Instructor has years of experience as an ‘O’ and ‘A’ level high school teacher prior to entering IT as well as a team leader and instructor in the IT industry.
  • – Highly competitive rates.

Student Feedback:


The content and quality of the class was top-notch. The material covered was vast but interconnected. The sheer amount of material to cover made the course very intense and demanding. All the content was necessary however to come out with a solid and fundamental understanding of mainframe development.


The content and quality of the class was very good. Being new to mainframes this class was very useful for me. We got to work on multiple exercises in Cobol with different JCL’s, each program having different functionalities giving hands on experience on various aspects of mainframes. Every concept was taught in detail with examples. During every class progress of each apprentice was checked to check the knowledge on each concept. I really enjoyed the course. All thanks to Albert and GM.


The content and the recording of each session was excellent. Albert put a lot of effort since day 1 so that we understood the concept of Cobol and all the materials he provided to us helps me in gaining knowledge and with the help of his effort I learned how to do Cobol and am hoping to us this knowledge in the coming days.


It was a complete course. Even after having experience in mainframe I learned a lot of new things and most importantly the basics.


The training was very intense and one of the hardest that I have attended. I am glad I got to know so much of it in a very short time. I have always been on my toes which helped me understand things a little better. The bootcamp training was a very good experience.

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